"Architectural monuments of Slonim reqion"

The Slonim high-lights have been formed for centuries, The Sapegi, the Oginskie, the Kostushko left a bright trace in the historyof this picturesque region. The Zhirovichskii Monastery attracts millions of pilgrims.

Slonim arose up on the Schara river and for a long time played an important role in history of Belarus. It saved the ancient planning and numerous monuments of architecture of 17 - 18 centuries: masculine and womanish bernardin monasteries, town hall, synagogue, church of Sv. Andrey. In the history of Slonim a bright track was left by a famous Lithuanian chancellor - Leo Sapega. Zhirovichskiy monastery, which is 500 years, is renowned for its expressive architecture. You will have a unique opportunity to visit temples of miraculous beauty. A tour guide from the Spiritual seminary will tell you about monasteries, seminaries and will show you the Sainted source.

Not far from Zhirovichi there is a unique monument of Gothic architecture is located - a church-fortress in Sinkovichi, dating back to the 16th century. And at the end of the excursion you will be able to visit a rural farmstead "Heather" which is the most interesting object of rural tourism. The owners of the farmstead will show you their possessions, treat you with the traditional Belarusian cuisine.

Stay in farmstead + dinner - around 5$ per person.
DURATION: 12 hours, 450 km
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