Welcome to Belarus

Have you ever got an idea that we cannot be bypassed?

Our country is a so called large intersection of the European roads. It is an advantage for our friends and also the same advantage for other people. Why? That is a good challenge for the “others” to become our friends.

Well, who are we? And what kind of the intersection are we? Nowadays we are the Central European State called Belarus or the Republic of Belarus. And we are located in the cross roads of Europe and on the historical trade route from the North to the South. Dozens of invaders, good and bad people crossed our land. And we managed to overcome all those troubles and to preserve our identity, history, language, spirit, tradition. And we still have to do much more to reconstruct and to rehabilitate some of our charming castles, palaces, churches. However we have already done a lot! And we are happy to share the part of our rich history with you, the history of our ancient cities like Minsk, Brest, Hrodna, Homiel, Mir, Niasvizh, Liubcha, Halshany, etc. The history as it is… But it is not the only thing that we can share with you.

Do not be surprised! We have no mountains but still you can go skiing on the steep slopes of our four skiing centers. Three Santas are present in our country. We have numerous SPA resorts with a wide range of medical treatment. We have water parks, casinos, entertaining clubs and many more… We are glad to offer different types of accommodation opportunities starting from luxury hotels and private city apartments and finishing with quality village holiday estates situated in the most picturesque places of our country. Let us finalize our short story. Belarus is still a mystery situated in the middle of Europe. And it is your mystery to discover. You probably have to get the visa before you travel. We will  help you to resolve all that stuff very quickly.


"Planet Travel Inc." invites you to visit beautiful country. We suggest you to spend great vacations and strengthen your health. Our company will take care of you during your stay in Belarus and offer you a complex of services, from documents formalization to a full program of your stay. WE ARE GLAD TO OFFER YOU THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: VISA SUPPORT: in airport "Minsk-2", in Belarusian embassies abroad - $40 per person ($30 per person for groups of more than 5 people)

TRANSFERS: Airport "Minsk-2" - hotel: by car -$50, by shuttle or by bus - $15

GUIDE AND INTERPRETER SERVICES: For European languages - $15 per hour, $60 for 8 hours Asian languages - $20 per hour, $130 for 8 hours EXCURSIONS: Minsk city tour by car - $100 (2 pax max) excursions to memorial complex "Mir & Neswizh" by car - $200 (3 pax max) by bus - agreed price excursions to memorial complex "Khatyn" by car - $130 (2 pax max) excursions to memorial complex "Stalin's line" by car - $130 (2 pax max)

RESERVATION OF HOTELS IN MINSK AND OTHER CITIES OF BELARUS: We are glad to offer you comfortable 1-2-3-rooms APARTAMENTS for daily rent. The apartments are located in the very center of the Minsk city near the subway stations that makes it convenient to travel around the city, do shopping, visit bars, cafes and other facilities. We guarantee clean and tidy apartments. Just before your arrival the apartments are cleaned out carefully, we change the bed, towels, and provide hygiene accommodation (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, shower gel). We ensure you homelike atmosphere. Our apartments are tastefully furnished with good furniture and equipped by domestic appliances for your comfort. The kitchens have everything needed for cooking and table setting. Most of the apartments have access to the Internet and Wi-Fi. Studio apartment Rent cost per 1 day: 40 USD Pobediteley, 3 One bedroom apartment Rent cost per 1 day: 50 USD Gorodskoy Val, 8 Two-bedroom apartment Rent cost per 1 day: 100 USD Nezavisimosti, 19

ORGANIZATION OF CONFERENCES, SEMINARS AT PLACES OF ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTHENT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS ALL YEAR ROUND HEALTH RECOVERING AT REST CENTRES, SANATORIUMS AND NATIONAL PARKS IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS ORGANIZATION OF HUNTING IN SPETIAL PLACES ON TNE TERRITORY OF NATIONAL PARKS AND RESERVES OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS IF you come to Belarus for business you can stay in the Minsk Hotel or in the Hotel Belarus Travelling across Belarus, you will find the well-known Belarussian hospitability and tolerance, ability to treat other people believes and views with understanding and respect. If you happen to turn to a passer-by, you will see a smile and desire to help in return. Come to Belarus! Here people are always happy to welcome the visitors.

Partner "Planet Travel Inc."· Our company was founded in 1994. Since 2011 the company has been working as “Planet Travel Inc.”. The main direction of our company is Belarus, including tours of the most interesting parts of the country for groups and individual tourists, health-recovering tours in sanatoriums and rest houses. Also we can offer you hunting tourism. The company will make all the organizations. Treatment and recovering in Belarus – Belaya Rus’, Priozernii, Zhuravushka, Isloch, Ozernyy, Naroch, Lesnye Ozera, Krynica, Lazurnyy, Svitanok, Belorusochka Sosnovyy bor sanatoriums and Lepel military resort. Recreation in Belarus. Tours around Belarus, day off rounds, cottages, homesteads and houses (from 2 to 30 persons). The reception of foreign visitors in Belarus. Providing hotels in the city and countryside, renting apartment. Vehicle hiring, transfers, guide-interpreter and visa supporting.

Hunting organization in Belarus (full service). Organization of corporate events, students’ holidays and parties. Any ways of payment are possible. Planet Travel INC. 9th June 2012 We are 23 years old. Our company has been operated in tourism market since 1994. Since 2012 the company has been working as “Planet Travel Inc.”.  Country: Belarus City: Minsk Location: Gorodskoy Val, 8, 23. Contacts: Tel: (+375 17) 219-03-70, 228-18-18 +375 33 619-03-69, +375 29 693 66 92 Fax: +375 17 228-18-18

Working hours: Monday -Friday: 10.00 a,m- 07.00 p.m, Saturday: 11.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m E-mail: office@olirti.com