The homestead is situated near Minsk, not far from sport complex "Staiki". It's easy to reach on public transport.

The house is constructed in original stone style with use of modern technologies. There is a gas, an electricity, water, the water drain.There are 12 berths, two bathrooms. Owners can accept up to 50 person (without a lodging for the night).

The homestead specializes on carrying out of corporate actions, banquets, weddings, seminars. In a cottage there is a dancing with the musical center. To services of visitors - kitchen with utensils, a gas cooker, a refrigerator. In the street - a place for a barbecue and a mangal. There is separately costing sauna, a room of rest, the Finnish steam room, a fireplace, a floor with heating.


PRISE: 200$- 250$ - 1 day off

ADDRESS: Minsk, TRAVEL AGENCY "OLIRTI" Gorodskoy Val 8 office 23
TEL: +375 17 228 18 18, +375 17 219 03 70