HOMESTEAD "ZARECHANI" - is situated 22 km from Minsk. Village Zarechani.

We can offer you excellent family rest. There is a beautiful pond with lilies, garden, platform for rest, mow near the house. 100 m form the Ptich. Not far from forest.

The house is well furnished: 3 bedrooms (2 with two beds and 1 bedroom with 3 beds., chimney hall with piano, toilet, shower and bath, gas cooker and fridge.

Wide variety of national Belarusian dishes.

EXTRA OPPORTUNITIES: fishing, ski walks, music, bath, driving on horses,evenings of gipsy romance

Prise: 50 USD +50 000 BYR per person (minimum 8 people)

Connect: Minsk, Gorodskoi Val 8, office 23
tel: +375 17 228-18-18, 219-03-69, 219-03-70