"Minsk - the capital"

You can choose one of three bias of the excursion - historical, cultural or town-planning. Your choice will determine visiting of one of three offered museums. The PROGRAM: The history of Minsk from occurrence till today and development prospects - the Polotsk princedom, Grand duchy of Lithuania, Rech Pospolitaja, the Russian empire … Liberty Square - is the historical centre of Minsk, here you will see a town hall, a gymnasia building, the house of the governor, ancient churches, monasteries. The TRINITY suburb - a"mirror" of Minsk of the 19 century. The tragedy of Minsk residents during the Great Patriotic War. The view of today’s Minsk. You will learn the history of the capital, the peculiarities of creation of the Palace of Republic, newly built rail-way station and the National library. Museums: The museum of Arts, the museum of Great Patriotic War, the museum of Belarusian literature, the museum of natural studies. DURATION: 3 hours, 50 km TRAVEL AGENCY "OLIRTI" ADDRESS: Minsk, Gorodskoy Val 8, office 23 Tel: 8-017-228-18-18, 8-017-219-03-70 E-mail: office@olirti.com