The most valuable monuments of Belarus - castles and parks of Mir and Nesvizh. These monuments are on the list of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

The excursion starts from the old settlement- Mir - through ages Mir has been the cultural centre for the Belarusians, the Polish, the Jewish, the Gypsies and the Tartar’s. The orthodox church, the Catholic Cathedral, The Jewish Synagogue, market square, museums.

Excursion along Nesvizh, one of the most ancient towns of Belarus. Cathedrals, that dates back to the 16th century. The tourist guide will tell you exciting stories about one of the most influential family in the Great Duchy of Lithuania - the Radzivilovs.

ROUTE: Mir-Nesvizh
MUSEUMS: The Mir castle, Nesvizh’ historical and cultural reserve.
DURATION: 270 km, 9 hours.
PRISE: 25 USD per person (including bus delivery, guide service)

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