“PRIOZERNII”- is situated in the unique corner of our republic, in the resort township Naroch’, on the bank of the lake Naroch’. Naroch’ – is the pearl of Belarus, the largest lake in the republic – 80 The sanatorium is surrounded by pine and fir-tree forests, birch groves.

Medical side-view: cardiovascular, nervous system, digestive tract illnesses.

The therapeutical base of the sanatorium: clinical and biochemical laboratories, ultrasonic examinations, reflexology, manual massage, dentist, urologist, gynecologist, solarium.

Hydro medications: therapeutical baths and showers, baths of the underwater massage, swimming pool, sauna, contrasty baths. There are 2 mineral water springs, well-room with mineral water for people with illnesses of digestive tract. We offer solarium, sauna, ultrasonic examination, manual therapy, under-water massage, gym, manual massage for extra pay.

Numbered fund: The sanatorium has 515 seats, consists of 2 comfortable 7-store blocks “Priozernii” and “Lazurnii”.

Food: 5 times a day according to the booked menu.

EXTRA OPPORTUNITIES: billiards, table-tennis, cinema hall, library, dancing hall. You may find out interesting facts about reach history of Narochnskii region, its history, architectural heritage. You will have an opportunity to taste real fresh-soup.
TRANSPORTATION: on one’s own
TERMS: 12 days.
TELEPHONE: +375 228-18-18, 8-029-50-50-300