Sanatorium "Sputnik"

Sanatorium"Sputnik" - is situated in the picturesque place on the territory of resort "Naroch'". 7-stored residential block. Single and double rooms with comfortable furniture, fridges, Tvsets, telephones, dish sets.

Lx. rooms: with bar-stand, microwave oven, bath with hydro massage.

Medical side-view: cardiovascular, nervous systems.

Food: 5 times a day, balanced menu, diet menu, euro breakfasts, Belarusian specialties.

Functional diagnostics room: complex "Shiller"( electro cardiography, measurement of B.P., physiotherapy.

Electrotherapy room: electro and ultrasonic therapy

Lasertherapy room, dry baths, massage, fitotherapy

Gym (modern equipment "KETTLER"

Balanced food

Tel: +375 17 228 18 18, +375 17 219 03 70
Address: Minsk, Gorodskoi Val 8 office 23