“YUNOST” – is situated in the forest massive on the shore of the Minskoe sea and 25 km from Minsk. It is available all the year round. The sanatorium was founded in 1975. It consists of 2 residential blocks: “Lesnoi” and “Morskoi”, also curative-diagnostic block.

Healing air, beauty of the pine forest and the Minskoe sea create special atmosphere

Medical side-view: cardiovascular, nervous system illnesses.

The therapeutical base of the sanatorium: Everyday 1.5 and 2 hour strolls in the forest, which are situated in the vicinity of the reservoir, that’s why the air contains heightened quantity of ozone, essential oil and other components that help to stabilize cordial rhythm, B.P., to normalize sleep and appetite.
In the sanatorium multipurpose examinations with the help of the modern diagnostic facilities are held, including ultrasonic, functional, laboratory diagnostics, medication at therapist, cardiologist, neuropathist, dentist, urologist, gynecologist, otologist, oculist, psychotherapist. Health resort has a well-developed therapeutical base with the complex of procedures: therapeutical baths and showers, pearl baths, hydro massage, massage, sauna, swimming-pool, gym, solarium, mud baths, inhalation, aromatherapy, reflexology.

Numbered fund: sanatorium “Yunost’” has 273 rooms. Vacationists reside in 2 comfortable residential blocks: “Morskoi” and “Lesnoi” with different categories of rooms: 3 room apartments, 2 room apartments, 1 room apartments with furniture, TV set, fridge and telephone.

Term of the rest – from 12 to 21 days

Food – 4 times a day according to the booked menu.

EXTRA – OPPORTUNITIES: canteen (280 seats), coffee-room (100 seats), cafe “RUSALOCHKA” (80 seats), bar “MERKURII” (30 seats), billiards bar (20 seats), cafe “YUNOST”” (40 seats), conference hall (50 seats), cinema hall (480 seats), 2 saunas with the swimming pool, Russian bathhouse, gym, beach, motor ship “BODRII”, football field, solarium, library, shops, drugstore, parking.
Various excursions to the historical places of Belarus will be offered to you!!!

TRANSPORTATION: on one’s own

ADDRESS: Minsk, Gorodskoi Val 8, office 23